Comparison between thermal baseboards and underfloor heating

Thursday 26 july 2018

If both techniques have the advantage of freeing the walls of the grip heaters and thus obtain square meters 100% useful, baseboard heating offers significant advantages in terms of comfort, design and implementation .

  • Underfloor heating is pleasant barefoot but it does not remove the effect of "cold wall" (perimeter walls, windows) leading to discomfort in winter.
  • The inertia of the slab resulting in reactivity of several hours after a temperature change. This shift is particularly uncomfortable in mid-season.
  • Underfloor heating prohibits the use of insulation and flooring including all types of wood floors and carpets (1 cm = 10 cm wood insulation!).
  • The cost of baseboard heating, implementation included is less than a floor heating system, even in new construction. Renovation, baseboard heating is ideal because it is easy to implement, even in site inhabited for a much lower cost.
  • In case of failure, leakage, heating baseboard is always accessible. Any faulty component can be easily identified, changed or repaired. However, it is impossible to intervene on heated floors without breaking the slab.