Comparison between thermal baseboards vs standart radiators

Wednesday 11 april 2018

In order to clarify the actual advantages of electric baseboard systems in terms of comfort and saving energy possibilities, we have made a recording with a thermal camera and compared our electric baseboards with a standard radiator.

The thermal camera can be used for recording exact temperature measurements at each height of a room. The tests were performed to measure the temperature at the level of a chair as it is in the sitting position (the "resting position" for the human body) that the human body most needs calories to get warm.

The recordings show that electric baseboards provide a much more uniform temperature in terms of width AND height. Therefore, there is only very little energy losses for reaching an average temperature of 19° at chair level. On the other hand, the radiator will waste a lot of energy (which will be consumed unnecessarily) before reaching the desired average temperature.

The above study provides a very good description of the advantage of the ECO-MATIC electric baseboard system, which not only provides high-quality comfort heating at an affordable price, but also considerably reduces your energy bill.

The ECO-MATIC electric baseboard system not only provides the advantage of comfort and energy saving, but also enables to perfectly integrate the system into your interior design thanks to the numerous customisation solutions for the electric baseboards.