Electric baseboards

The electric heating system, which automatically regulates its power by analysing the thermal requirements of its environment every second.

Any standard electric heating system operates on the basis of the "All or Nothing" principle, which causes overconsumption and discomfort.

The heating power is calibrated according to the thermal performances of the habitat and to extreme winter temperatures i.e. a few days per year. Therefore, the rest of the time, it is oversized.

Our new generation of electric baseboards adapts its power in real time according to the requirements of each room.

An ultra-sensitive probe detects the slightest caloric intake (lighting, human presence, household apparatus, sunlight, etc.) and automatically compensates for the energy requirements of the installation.

In the event of a sudden temperature drop (e.g.: opening of window), the heating is cut off automatically. If the temperature drop persists, the heating will restart after 45 minutes with the possibility of a telephone or Internet alert.



New generation electric baseboards 250 WATTS/LM


  • ECOMATIC low temperature (85°) resistance
  • Control of the front panel temperature, maintaining a maximum standard temperature of 65°C.
  • Provision of temperature limiting devices every 30 cm with automatic shutdown by zone in the event of obstruction (cover, cushion, etc.)
  • Remote or wire probe via a low voltage BUS connection, without any risk of electrocution.
  • Padlocking the setpoint temperature.