Baseboards for central hot water heating

The significant reduction in the volume of water in a room compared with a traditional radiator or underfloor heating increases the performance of heat emitters and reduces energy consumption.

The removal of the "cold wall" effect and the even distribution of heat along the bottom of the outer walls allows the surface of the walls to act as a radiating panel providing exceptional and unequalled comfort.

40% more powerful thanks to its new, exclusive and patented heating element, the new generation of ECOMATIC hydronic heated skirting boards are compatible with any heat emitter, whether high or low temperature.

New generation hot water skirting board
New generation hot water skirting board


Works by thermocyclic regulation

Powers for 1 linear meter
ΔT Watt Kcal/h
30 104 89,4
35 127 109
40 151 130
45 177 152
50 202 174
55 229 197
60 256 220
65 285 245
Technical report of the CETIAT on the Hydraulic ECOMATIC Electric Baseboards

CETIAT power catalogue