Baseboard heating

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Baseboard heating benefits

The heating wall principle

The electric baseboard system diffuses heat uniformly along the peripheral walls at floor level.
It generates an ascending thermal wall which prevents the penetration of cold air.

The temperature of the surface of the walls increases (up to 26° at 1.5 m from the ground) and thus the walls form an enormous radiating panel (4 lm of baseboard = 6 m² of radiating surface(2) ), which diffuses gentle and homogeneous heat in the entire volume of the room.

The advantages of slow convection

As the power is distributed along the walls, the air is not overheated and rises slowly up to the ceiling, which it reaches at ambient temperature.

Energy saving

  • Removal of the hot air pockets at the ceiling level.

Clean and healthy air

  • Restricts volatile dust.
  • Respects air hygrometry.

An incredible feeling of comfort

You have certainly experienced the following: while sitting in your lounge, you suddenly feel an unpleasant cold sensation.
However, no window is open and your temperature switch indicates 20°. The explanation is simple: When sitting, your body needs heat and your skin is more sensitive to the radiation of the cold air (1) from the external walls. Therefore, a temperature greater than 20° will be required to ensure comfortable conditions.
The comfort temperature is calculated by determining the average between the room temperature and that of the surrounding walls.

Let's take the example of a well-insulated room, with double glazing and an outside temperature between 0° and -5°:

Standard heating, temperature switch 20°
Air temperature: 20°
+ wall temperature: 17°
= Comfort temperature: 18,5
Electric baseboard system, pressure switch 18°
Air temperature: 18°
+ wall temperature: 26°
= Comfort temperature: 22°


"The least expensive energy is that which is not consumed"

It is recalled that 1 degree less represents an energy saving of 7% (ADEME).

Are you interested by our baseboard heating solutions ?



The ECOMATIC baseboards can be wall-mounted or partially or completely integrated into the wall. Moulds, identical to the existing baseboards (classified buildings, historical monuments, old houses with character, etc.). can be added in the top part.


The ECOMATIC baseboards are thermo-lacquered in order to guarantee a maximum resistance to shocks (housework, maintenance, children, etc.) and an excellent resistance over time.




It is possible to integrate the following components in the heating baseboards:

  • Lighting systems either for decorative and/or practical purposes (corridor in night area, child's room, indication of a staircase, etc.).
  • Power, telephone, IT and or audio/video connectors.


Due to the ideal location of the electric baseboards, ECOMATIC has developed an entire range of active or passive safety devices (which can be integrated as an option):

  • Emergency lighting with a movement detector (safety device for senior citizens to prevent falls, evacuation in the event of fire, etc.)
  • Presence detector
  • Illuminated emergency call buttons in the event of a fall (apartment equipment for aged people living alone, old people's home, assisted-care apartment).

Soon available :

  • Detector of carbon monoxide, flooding,
  • Air quality detector for automatic management of the ventilation system.


Bases enable to fasten the baseboards in front of a bay window, in a veranda, in front of a stone wall with a significant three-dimensional pattern, etc.

The electric heating system, which automatically regulates its power by analysing the thermal requirements of its environment every second.

Any standard electric heating system operates on the basis of the "All or Nothing" principle, which causes overconsumption and discomfort.

Our new generation of electric baseboards adapts its power in real time according to the requirements of each room.

Find out the advantages of our electric baseboards

The significant reduction in the volume of water in a room compared with a traditional radiator or underfloor heating increases the performance of heat emitters and reduces energy consumption.

The removal of the "cold wall" effect and the even distribution of heat along the bottom of the outer walls allows the surface of the walls to act as a radiating panel providing exceptional and unequalled comfort.

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Optimize your energy consumption in the spring and fall thanks to the hybrid skirting board.

No need to start your boiler, the hybrid skirting will automatically switch to electrical energy. It will switch automatically to hydraulic heating once your boiler is in operation.

Thanks to the bi-energy baseboard, you always have the guarantee of having a heating system.

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