Co-ownership heating

  • Renovation of the heating systems in jointly owned property
  • Restoration of heating systems in old apartments
  • Classified building and historical monument

Many buildings dating from the 60s/70s are equipped with high-temperature heating floors whose circuits are partly clogged, with a boiler which is at the end of its life cycle.
Consequences: cold or overheated apartments, overconsumption, high maintenance costs.
Electric baseboard systems are the ideal solution for these jointly owned properties.
- More economic
- Easy to implement in lived in habitats - No radiators on the walls
- No maintenance
- Possibility of model apartments onsite to inform the joint owners.


Electric or hydraulic baseboards are discrete, perfectly effective in significant volumes, compliant with the integrity of the walls and can be integrated in woodwork, they are therefore the ideal heating solution for classified buildings and historical buildings.
Empty baseboards can be used as service shafts and their radio-regulation reduces cabling and wiring to a minimum.


Removing the unsightly and cumbersome radiators in an old apartment offers 2 advantages:
- Aesthetics with a greater freedom for spatial design
- A financial advantage as there is a gain of 1 m² of usable surface area per removed radiator.

The electric baseboard system is the only solution which frees the walls of radiators while preserving the beauty of wooden floors.


Heating renovation in old apartments
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