Hybrid baseboard heating

Optimize your energy consumption in the spring and fall thanks to the hybrid skirting board. This type of heating is part of our heating baseboard solutions.

No need to start your boiler, the hybrid skirting will automatically switch to electrical energy. It will switch automatically to hydraulic heating once your boiler is in operation. Thanks to the hybrid plinth, you always have the guarantee of having a heating system. If your boiler is overhauled or broken down, the electrical part of the hybrid skirting board will take over.

In cold weather, with a heat pump on the boiler, the hybrid skirting board is the most economical solution.

In sunny areas, you can use solar energy optimally and have electricity in the sun when there is insufficient sunlight.

Hybrid skirting guarantees you never to be dependent on one energy, and allows you to use the cheapest of both. Hybrid skirting meets a need that co-owners know well. How to heat up when the district heating system is not yet in use? This plinth can switch from an electric heating to a collective heating without any intervention of the owner.

Hybrid baseboard is hydraulic and electric

Insofar as the boiler is requested later, the costs associated with its operation will be lower.

Everyone will be able to influence their collective heating consumption thanks to the mini solenoid valve and its individual heating consumption (electrical part of the plinth) thanks to its regulation.


  • Façade lighting
  • Electrical outlets
  • LED headbands
  • Audio: built-in speakers
  • Olfactory: Perfumes and scents
  • Fall detector for the elderly